Big Tees Tease: Geek girls come in every size

Looking for fun gifts for the fan girl or fan boy in your life?

When I asked @shirtsforgamers about whether they had big sizes they said up to 3x. I said think bigger.


They directed me to their friends at the Neato shop. 5,000 t-shirt designs all up to 6x. (It’s a start.) I’ve sent them an email asking to be part of their affiliate program hopefully we can promote some goodies for big fat geeks, fans and friends in time for the upcoming holiday shopping mania.


URGENT! Fat Filmmaker Being Harassed by Haters

Dances With Fat

fight back Lindsey Averill is in the process of co-creating the documentary “Fattitude:  A Body Positive Documentary” which the kickstarter page describes as “A feature-length documentary that exposes how popular culture fosters fat prejudice, and then offers an alternative way of thinking.”  She is working to crowdfund the project and has created the Kickstarter and a trailer on YouTube and then, she told me, this happened:

It all started when I reported a YouTube user, “GODBLESSADOLFHITLER” for copyright for posting my trailer verbatim on his youtube channel – I also reported another video of his that featured my film and horrible images of 9/11 hate speech, etc. YouTube pulled down his videos and he and his followers began to torture me. They were calling our house till I changed our number. They are now calling my family, my husband’s business and the have collected all the information on my interviewees and posted…

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How to talk to your daughter about her body

Fat positive portraits


Kate Bachus

Let me explain to you what I mean by that term.


I was outside the warehouse at oh dark thirty before my first day at hockey bootcamp. I’d lost the contents of my stomach twice, I was so nervous. I had all the baggage of firefighting on my shoulders and I’d never put on hockey gear before. 

This hot, athletic teenage hockey star dude was getting me gear. You know what that’s like?  Having some eighteen year old athlete go through gear to give you?

“I have a fat ass,” I said. Because I didn’t think any gear they had was going to fit me and I was an out of shape old woman who had never played hockey before.

“Big ass, more power,” he said, and handed me a pair of hockey pants. They fit.

Lesson learned.


140 pounds didn’t do me much good for firefighting. I…

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Little victories

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

Struggling against oppression is endless. The trolls never stop, and you are fighting culture, bias, the government, and sometimes even your own doctor just to stand up for your right to simply exisist as yourself. Sometimes I feel like this site’s cheerleader, with recent posts like this and this. But guys, recently really we are making up more and more ground in the culture wars. Two cases in point, both from the fashion industry. First, a change in how our clothes will be made and second a fast sell-out of flabulous swimwear.

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Last week at an apartment party in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood on the North side, I whipped out my iPhone 5, told the folks at the gathering to press together, and clicked away. Simple act, happens at least a hundred times a day, and I completed the ritual by posting the picture to my instagram and linking it to my Facebook account. But, before I could put the camera away I heard a friend joke, read, throw a little shade (?) my way and say:

“Watch, tomorrow there will be like five picture of himself up there.”

Yes, guilty as charged, I am a selfie. One of those annoying people who take tons of self-pictures. Declaring to the world that I look good and you know it. This is so true that the same friend had earlier brought up the topic with me; apparently he and another friend occasionally discussed my…

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