Bearing the weight of beauty

Beauty doesn’t need ornaments. Softness can’t bear the weight of ornaments.

–Munshi Premchand



Plush pole dancer

The dancer in this video is a certified “pole fitness instructor” in New Orleans, Louisiana. Pole-dancing has become a fitness trend in recent years, an eroticized version of the once popular Jazzercize. The dancer below is mesmerizing not only for the aerial moves and muscle strength that make it appear that she almost flying but also the complete confidence she has in her own raw sensuality. She makes no attempt to obscure the parts of her body that crease, flop, jut or jiggle. Her back and belly are bare. (Not concealed or squished into a tight costume.)

Cameryn Moore on cake and general rules for living


The delightful playwright and performer Cameryn Moore (Phone Whore/Slut Revolution) scribbled this on my/her facebook feed the other day. Words to nosh and live by.



Artist: Mike Stengl



If you’d like to own a Mike Stegel print or poster, check out imagekind. The link below takes you directly to the image below entitled “waiting for the bus”. But several of his other oils and watercolors are also available there.


waiting for the bus

Rock that bod!

Confidence is sexy! Fill the room with it!

Confidence is sexy! Fill the room with it!