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Fat Attitude

The following article is complete and unadulterated with link to its original source. (It’s not news to you, Dear Reader, but you may know someone who needs to hear it. And it proves that the science of fat will eventually outpace the fear of fat… even in newspapers.)

Is there really an obesity epidemic? Or has it been created?

Published: Monday, December 17, 2012, 10:00 AM     Updated: Monday, December 17, 2012, 6:10 PM
Evelyn Theiss, The Plain Dealer By Evelyn Theiss, The Plain Dealer 
PDSTOCK-FAT-OBESE-OVERWEIGHT-AMERICANS.JPGPaul Ernsberger, an instructor at Case Western Reserve University’s medical school since 1989, says there is no obesity epidemic — a view that flies in the face of nearly all reported research.AP file

Are there really more fat people in our society today? Or is it that fat people are disproportionately represented in polls, because they have landlines and are home to answer the phone, while younger, active people…

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Fat Attitude



Facebook has proved a powerful tool in sharing memes, political news, inspiring stories and now CURVE-ERIFIC groups that exist solely to promote fat and fabulous women and their admirers. The above meme from curvy and beautiful .



What makes this site stand out is its delightful amateur nature. It inspires fatlishious women (or their fans) to send in their own photos and montages. Sweet and brilliant, seeking and receiving words of praise in a society that heaps scorn on women of size. The internet with its hot or not –billion ego bash per minute– bullshit has a lot to make up for. Shiny little corners of good intentions, like Curvy and Beautiful, deserve their moment in the sun. Good on you, Grrrls.

Their reason for being (as lifted directly from their page’s What ups) 



(Owner : Crystal) (Admins : Cupcake & Tristina)

** Welcome to…

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Gotta love them, fat thespians. Just saying,

Dances With Fat

This morning we had a three hour rehearsal for More Cabaret. We rehearsed, of course, but we also chatted about various things going on in our lives, size acceptance etc.  I went from that to an action meeting of the Size Diversity Task Force.  We had dinner, hung out, and then discussed our committees and the work that we are doing and want to do.  Then I met with my friend Jeanette about some new stuff the Fit Fatties Forum is going to be offering in January.

After a very full day of size acceptance community of various kinds, it occurred to me how important these “In Real Life” interactions are to me.  I read a lot of blogs and spending a lot of time talking about these things on the internet but SA community in real life is a precious thing to me. Even with the Size Diversity…

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